Deluxe 6″ Grips (ONE) – 61910



6″ Grip with stainless steel end cap.  This is for a single grip.  It is recommended both grips are replaced at the same time.

This is the grip that is used on the CBB  and other accessories.  Please measure your grip to make sure you have the correct size for replacement.
Follow these directions at your own risk for a refreshed and new looking accessory:
To remove the old grip,  run a razor blade/box knife/utility knife down the grip and peal off like a banana.  Begin with the knife at the end of the grip closest to the center of the accessory.
Be careful not to damage the paint finish where you start your blade and where the new grip will reach when installed.  This can be measured by placing the new grip next to the bar.  All other nicks and scratches down the bar,  towards the end,  will be covered by the new grips.  Warm the grips to 80º F.   This is accomplished by placing the grips on a piece of foil in an oven at about 250 to 275 degrees for five to ten minutes.  Time can be adjusted up or down as needed for your oven.  You can feel the rubber get more pliable when squished between your thumb and forefinger.  CAUTION:  Wear leather gloves or other protection on your hands.   The stainless piece on the end of the grip is much hotter than the rubber.  Put about 5 pumps of non-aerosol hair spray inside the new handle.  This acts as a lubricant while wet, and as a glue when dry.  Immediately slide-push-pull the grip firmly into place.  You want to have some resistance while putting the new grip on.   This lets you know the new grip will stay in place for a very long time.  Quickly clean off any hair spray that may have dripped out.   If the grip isn’t warmed up, it won’t be installed successfully and won’t be able to be removed without being damaged.  Let the hair spray dry and the rubber come back to room temp before using

See PN 61890 for 8″ grip.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 3 in