FT Belt. To be used with the VFT-100 and VX-FT model machines ONLY.
Has 3 padded cable attachment points that can rotate around the belt. The side cable attacment straps are longer and can be hooked-up high on the belt to be out of the way when using the rear cable attach point (as shown in picture).

Here are other Vectra accessories:
63540 Curl bar
CBB Cambered bar
62000 8″ Single Handle
61990 14″ Single Handle
64180 Foot Strap
54050 Ankle Strap
48050 Accessory adapter clip
2.5AO 2.5 pound add-on plate
5.0AO 5 pound add-on plate
ACCRCK Rack to hold standard accessories
65990 14″ Double grip Handle
69020 Abdominal Strap
41430 /41440 Standard squat attachments Left Right
66400 / 66410 Contoured squat attachments Left Right
26900 Triceps strap
47930 10″ extension cable
57820 15″ extension cable
70040 20″ extension cable
CGP Close grip Press attachment
FTMP Multipurpose straight bar
FTRSH Racquet Sports Tennis Handle
FTBBH Baseball Bat Handle
FTBB Baseball Ball
FTBELT Functional Belt
VFTLK Lat bar

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 4 in