Vectra Fitness, Inc. owners retired from manufacturing early 2018. They have provided the parts store as a customer service to support the current owners of Vectra machines. Prices have not increased in over 8 years and we intend to continue the trend of keeping the best quality and prices well into the future.

Cables are made every day for every machine Vectra manufactured using the original machine, patents, and parts designed by Vectra. They will continue to be made for many, many years to come. All other original Vectra parts available are listed on the website.

To find a Vectra machine, somebody to service, move, or repair your machine, you will need to search for a local retailer of any brand of weight machines and ask them for a reference. Ask them who they use or recommend. The process of repair and maintenance has not changed. It has always been done this way.

We do not have further information regarding future manufacturing, repairing, moving, assembling, disassembling, selling, or buying of equipment.

Vectra Fitness Parts LLC

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