Accessory clip Adapter – 48050



ONE – Accessory Clip Adapter – allows use of aftermarket attachments with the Vectra equipment.  Comes with a locking nut to safely secure the clip to one accessory.  The locking nut should only be installed on one accessory for permanent use.  It is not designed to be removed and re-used.   Picture is different angles of the same clip.  This is for the purchase of ONE clip.

Includes PN 55860  3/8-16 x .75″ screw and PN 10600  3/8-16 nut.


This clip is provided as a customer service item to you at OUR COST. It is not free, but we do pass on the cost of making the entire clip to you. Our cost is $15 for each clip in materials only.  We absorb the cost of labor to assemble the part.

Shipping costs are calculated and charged by UPS.  No additional “back end” fees are charged for our benefit.

You must check all attachments listed below for correct connections making sure all screws, nuts and clips are securely in place and functioning correctly before every use.


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Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in