Leg Press Cable to Stack – 1100 – 26830



Leg Press to Weight Stack Cable

Cables are not returnable
Please visit the Tech Support tab on the home page to view extensive cable chart listing.

You should also order 30 feet of our clear cable routing tube, PN 67910, to ease installation.

Install directions: Raise top weight plate and disconnect cable. Fully push clear routing tube over cable end. Pull out old cable at foot plate. Switch old to new cable at clear tube. Pull out clear tube at top of weight stack. Reconnect new cable end to top weight plate.
If your top weight plate raises slightly over time and the cable length adjustment under the round bi/tri column cap cannot adjust for it anymore, your cable is twisting inside of the machine. You can verify by opening lower access door on bi/tri round column and viewing inside to see twisted cabling. To fix: Purchase 30′ of PN67910 clear cable routing tube (probably no need to also purchase new cable unless you see or suspect damage). Follow the above install directions except pull the same used cable back in after you take the twisting out the cable while it is removed from the machine.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in