Selector Pin- Original style for all 160/210LB stacks prior to 2005 – 53600



One original style selector pin – No magnet –  models made before 2005 (1600 & 1400) with 160 lbs and 210 lbs weight stacks.  This pin is too short for 15 lb weights with the rounded front.  The new 15 lb weights are the same depth as the 10 lb weights and can use either Pin number 53600 or 60610

NOTE:  This pin will not work with 260 lbs weight stacks that have the older, rounded front plates.  Part number 20760 for 15 pound (round front) weight plates made prior to 2005 is no longer available.  

See PN 60610 is the current magnetic style pin for all machines -both current 10 pound and current 15 pound weight plates).


More part numbers for your reference:

PN 17080 Screw for guide rod top

PN 16520 Black nylon spacer for guide rod

PN 26130 Rubber finish washer

PN 20660 “U” clip cable retainer

PN 29190 Screw to top plate and shaft

PN 60700 Top Plate

PN 53600 Older selector pin for no 15LB plate stacks

PN 20760 Older selector pin for 15LB plate stacks

PN 60610 Current selector pin, used since 1/2005

PN 46700 Selector shaft 15 plates

PN 20630 Selector shaft 20 plates

PN 69600 Selector shaft 25 plates

PN 57670 under stack Bumper (need 2)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 3 in