Weight Plate – 15lb. – Current Box of 5 Plates – 60720



Weight Plates

Box of 5 x 15lb. plates for use with 260lb to up grade to the  310lb. stack.
See PN 60690 for current single 15lb. plate.

15# plates DO NOT fit on the 1400, 1450, and the VFT100

NOTE: For use with the bottom 10 plates of the 260 lb. stack.  Remove the bottom 10 ten pound plates.  Install the 10 fifteen pound plates and then replace the remaining original plates with the top plate.  The stack will sit the same, but have the ability to use 310 lbs total.

These flat front/middle weight plates are used with machines manufactured after January 2005, and are  used with Selector Pin 60610.

Standard 20 weight plate stack ( 310 pounds)  have  a quantity of 10 fifteen pound plates on the bottom of the stack with quantity 9 ten pound plates above and the top plate which is also ten pounds.

If you upgrade your stack to the 310 pounds, use label 60600.

Please note:  Through the years our powder coat supplier changed their formulas and color palettes. We were forced to change vendors at one point.  The results of these things happening made it impossible for us to keep the same powder coating color on all weights over the years.  When machines went to the retailers, the weight stack on each machine was a uniform color.  This replacement plate will not color match your weight stack but is the last color we used in the factory.  This is an issue we can not avoid.

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 6 in